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Management Control and Audits

Balance sheets have never been easier thanks to Arc@’s multi-dimensional banking platform that gives you a complete view of every update to your client. From the transactions to the account changes, there’s complete transparency for you and your client. Our audit tools add to the efficiency and make it almost impossible for mistakes or fraud.

Everywhere, All the time banking

With Arc@, everything becomes easy - from quick transactions to instant transfers. Use our services to provide mobile money, ATM transactions, account-to-account transfers and bank statements.

Focus on Customer Loyalty

Arc@ is all about building long lasting relationships with clients, so we understand why your clients come first. We help you administer deposits and interact with clients on their terms. Our automated system makes it absolutely easy to execute and tailor the system differently for each client. Personalized SMS messages, email alerts and receipts are other added features that we at Arc@ provide, to make your customer feel valued. Our customized online banking portal will not only help clients come back to your bank, but also help you analyze data and reach out to potential customers.

360-degree Client Perspective

Arc@ empowers you to understand your clients, just like we customize everything for your needs. A 360-degree view of all your clients is exactly what you need to prevent scrolling through multiple folders to find client data. Efficiency is the key and our customizable system allows you to attach documents, assign tasks and send emails. It’s not only the big picture, but also the details that count and this is why Arc@ gives you a complete view of the client. You can send an automated email, set reminders and customize transaction receipts on the tailored client portal that you can create. Don’t forget that our special SMS reminder will reduce portfolio risk by up to 30%.


Service Deposit Accounts

Collate all your payments and reduce your transaction costs with Arc@’s easy to launch deposit products. Be it current accounts or savings plans, we help you open new market channels and integrate collection gateways.

Streamline Account Opening

Keep track of your client with Arc@ and you’ll never have to bother with paper forms and endless documents. Tighten the workflow and allow Arc@ to capture your new clients through marketing events and instant online and mobile application set-ups. Arc@’s quick account opening enables your clients and their customers to work with a whole new speed and scale of efficiency.

Launch More Products

User friendly and easy to set up, arc@ will remove all the obstacles that are limiting you from reaching out to the market. Instantly design and display your services to your clients and prospective clients and offer a comprehensive banking service customized according to their requirements. Easily expand to loans, overdrafts and saving plans with Arc@.

Organize, Segment & Understand Easily

Our easy to use interface saves your time on trying to figure out complicated software and helps you focus on your client instead. Quickly break down the data and create segments by age, gender and business. You have all the tools you need to organize your clients thanks to Arc@.


Manage your Documents

Generate documents, manage scans and make the entire process simple, safe and extremely accessible. At Arc@, we provide an effortless solution to user-friendly document storage and integration.

Streamline Document Tracking

Now you can save paper by switching to email and online services using our one click report generator. Arc@ will help you report the completed product, statements and receipts.

Move beyond paper

Your own online client portal with Arc@’s services will create customized emails to your clients. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to send out another newsletter.

Generate Documents Automatically

Our templates provide you with opportunities to transform your brand and cut off errors. Arc@ will make it easy to generate documents, and almost effortless to have branded contacts, receipts and other details. With this, we’re taking customization to the next step.

You’re Secure

Never lose your data with Arc@’s technology. Your data will be stored and secured at Arc@ and you no longer have to worry about unreliable bank branches or offices.

Implement Reliable Processes

Reduce the risk at source with a systematic workflow and multiple stakeholder approval. With Arc@ you can customize the workflow and ensure that your user has the correct access rights. Increase your efficiency and prevent rogue accounts.


Comprehend all the Elements of the Loan Book

Gain access to real-time client data and you can monitor, manage and understand your loan portfolio. Get to the details with Arc@’s business intelligence report and understand your risks.

Manage the entire Transaction Lifecycle

Find your loan cycle in one place, synchronized and easily auditable. From application to approval you’ll find that Arc@’s processing time is incredibly low. Accelerate your workflows with Arc@’s technology.

Credit Risk Assessment At Fingertips

Reliable, auditable and easily accessible, Arc@ ensures that credit offers are customized based on critical client data or even collated for credit assessments. Arc@’s credit risk assessment makes it a market favourite.

RobustWorkFlow Engine

Now assess loans with your team using the click. At Arc@, we take every click seriously. What makes this better is that you can use Arc@ anywhere, anytime and you’ll know about all the new tasks your’re into.

Multi Channel Delivery

Keep up with customer expectations and make it easy for clients to interact with each other through their phones, laptops etc. Arc@ allows you to meet your customer’s expectations and quickly integrate with any service provided. Say goodbye to competition.


Track & Understand Staff Performance

Which credit officers give out best loans? What are the most valuable channels for our team to identify customers? These are just some of the questions you can answer with arc@’s fully integrated system. It not only identifies your organization’s champions, but also helps you double your efficiency.

Keep Everyone Informed

With arc@’s consolidation techniques, your organization can access information better, make quicker decisions and serve your clients with a complete view and understanding of their accounts.

One-Click Report Generation

Tailor reports for every stakeholder with just one click,using arc@. You can now build customized reports in PDF, Excel or Word using real-time data using the special filtering and reporting tools.

Real-Time Consolidation

arc@’s real time cloud environment prevents manual error-prone systems and empowers your employees to review multiple accounts in various geographies and create quick account books. Now you can account in real-time and consolidate performance indicators in seconds.


Innovate Distribution Channels

Anytime. Anywhere. Clients need constant access to banking service providers, we at arc@ understand that. You can now launch services to make providers easily accessible through smartphones and tablets. Your clients can now engage with any delivery channel.

Integrate With Payment Gateways

Your transaction process has become twice and easy and your client engagement has increased thanks to arc@’s any payment or ATM gateway.

Collect Credit Information

Accelerate loan processing and find prospective customers by connecting to a credit bureau.

Mobilize Your Staff

Your staff will have all the tools in the bag to make your clients feel valued and the interactions, easy.

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