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arc@- Banking and Loan Management

A Comprehensivc solution to manage all the aspects of a Financial institution, arc@ is Web-based solution that fulfilsend to end requirements in the deposit and lending management. The Loan Management would guide the organization though all the stages of customer acquisition as well as the complete processing requirements of approving and booking of the loan and management of the transactions. The Deposits Functionality allows the institution to configure products on the fly to be able to service all the market and client needs. For Cooperatives and Credit Unions, special functionality for Member management etc is also available. arc@is on an open standard, scalable, and maintainable solution. Document Management, Workflow, Operations Control and Compliance as well as Business Intelligence are available as add on modules.

The solution is a customer centric product with all activities keeping the customer at the heart of the transaction therefore maintaining and achieving any customer based enquiries or reports. The system is configurable by the use of parameters and hence enable new business products to be created on demand.

arc@BI - Business Intelligence and Analytics

Build on the NanoBI platform arc@BI comes with a fully integrated, standard management information application offering profitability, budgeting, and transfer pricing, cost allocation and activity based costing.

arc@BIis a sophisticated add on which helps in integrating and handling all the businessintelligence requirements of the organizations. It is a platform that matures with use and provides for competitive and comparative advantages to the organization based on internal and external data availabilities.

A simple to configure, set and grow philosophy guides the solution to the core of all decision making within the organization in a very short period.

arc@OPS - Electronic Operations Manual and Compliance Management

Build on the GIEOM platform arc@Ops fully integrated provides the customer with an operational excellence tool for graphical representation of the organizations processes on all activities both system based and manual thereby, ensuring its adaptation, adherence and monitoring.

arc@Ops ensures that all employees adhere to all compliance requirements and standards. arc@Ops helps in training all employees with the process training and update and maintenance of the same.

arc@Ops is a cloud deployed business excellence product that enables knowledge workers collaborate with colleagues for Operational and business improvements and manage this information anywhere and on any device.

arc@Ops is a comprehensive Business Excellence tool which allows businesses to manage changes to their Business Paths, Regulations & Policies, Skills & Competencies and Business Performance. It enables employees monitor progress using personalized Business Operations analytics generated intelligently by the software in their area of responsibility and create targeted actions for course correction and intervention.

arc@SCRIBE - Improving Customer Services and Transaction Origination

Collection of data can be hectic and time consuming, thus we cater data in a quick and easy manner. With the advancement in technology it is easy to collect, store and share data. The information is collected through an advanced technology digital pen – arc@SCRIBE. Introduction of technologically advanced methods of data collection has cut down the time invested in such activites. Manual data is converted to digital data, which instantly reduces the requirement of human resource. Human input is transformed to digital output in practically no time, thereby making it cost-effective.

We use digital data capturing solutions to convert ‘human input’ into 'digital output'. Individuals and companies can now collect data on the field using digital pen & paper technology. Applying such new technologies for the banking world allows for the use of mobile agents and correspondents in a cost effective manner while still servicing the customers in the manner that they need

The data collected on the field using one of the collection methods reaches our cloud server. Following this, it gets routed to the tablet or mobile of another user for review or approval. The user receives SMS or email notifications at every stage of data capture process, thereby making the process - transparent and efficient.

arc@DOCS - Document Management and WorkFlow

A leading edge, digital document filing and workflow management solution.arc@DOCS automates the process of filing and organising documents from creation to distribution to closure throughout an enterprise, increasing efficiency and reducing the cost and clutter of maintaining paper records.

With the ability to integrate arc@DOCS with arc@ Banking and Loan Management, the 2 systems will will transform the way you create, store, distribute and share your business files and documents.

Intelligent, simple and easy user interface, rich in features allows simple transformation into a digital and paperless environment.

Advanced audit trailing and notations features allow for the replication of a manual process with extreme ease, making adoption and return on investment a certainity.

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