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Regional and Rural Banks

Financial Institutions with a client base in the District, Regional and Rural levels use arc@ to further their reach and service levels to their customer. In the every evolving world the customer needs are changing and as the masses achieve connectivity and graduate to the world of instant communication, the cooperative and community banks use the arc@ suite to the maximum to deliver superior business performance.

Comprehensive Coverage Of Business Aspects

arc@ Covers all aspects of the business in an online realtime manner over low bandwidths. These aspects include

Customer Relationship Management

  • Branch tellers
  • Product processors for current, savings and deposit accounts
  • Loans origination , management, Collection, delinquency
  • Payments solutions
  • Credit appraisal and scoring
  • Cash management
  • Risk KYC framework for governance risk and compliance
  • Implementation of document management solutions
  • Multi-channel front ends for Internet, Mobile banking, Kiosks, POS, micro ATM’s
  • Data marts for ALM( Asset liability mgmt.), Profitability analysis decision support MIS and regulatory reporting

Simplifying Banking Operations

We at arc@ ensure that you are more efficient, well organized, well informed, and confident in front of your investors and benefactors without overlooking the intimate connection to your clients. We use a smaller percentage of the resources used in managing a business, with the same complexities of a bank. To help improve your continuity and competitiveness, we help in bringing your processes, consumer understanding and portfolios to the same level of a bank, but with not one complexity.

Control and Eliminate Operations Risks

arc@ provides the tools to guarantee that you attract high quality client and loan data, obstruct replicated or ghost accounts, and easily view and inspect all activities taking place. We understand that employing a large client base with uncollateralized loans is an enormous challenge and everything that minimizes the threat, helps you immensely. Therefore, we at arc@, now reduce portfolio risk with simple and uncomplicated control on workflows and product rules.

Help Business Grow

arc@ understands that you will require a partner and a solution that can not only keep up with your business as it advances, but also help drive the growth of the business into servicing substantial SME clients with more products. arc@ provides you with all the instruments you will require to expand speedily and confidentially – from guaranteeing high quality data, to removing complexities from workflows, risk reporting, and managing of documents.

Use Automation To Improve Efficicency

arc@ assists in making your business dependable and well organized by transferring everything online in a very simple, attractive and intact package. From account workflows and one click reporting to SMS notifications, we automate almost all manual processes because we understand that stacks of documents, incomplete applications and faulty client knowledge not only risks your business, but also wastes your time.

Provide Staff Empowerment Opportiunities

Almost everybody from executives to volunteers can use arc@ due to it’s simple, attractive and instinctive interface. Your staff can avoid poor reporting and inaccurate data by completely getting rid of manual paperwork with the help of our software.

Use Of Innovative Technologies

An innovative and modern platform is provided by us at arc@ for banks to stay a step ahead, launch new products and services, and revolutionize new technology, distribution channels, or products quickly. Today, companies like Paypal, Wonga and Walmart are swiftly setting foot into retail banking with original new products and services that provide retail banks as less applicable everyday.

Critical To Embrace New Channels

arc@ provides you with the technology to deliver simple, speedy and universal services that are expected from your clients. Contemporary online and mobile mediums can be used to reach out to completely new markets with fresh brands, without the liability of old technology.

Lending Institutions

Many institutions around the globe are now initiating new banking products with astonishing new mobile technology and social networks, but they aren’t banks. As NBFC’s, you know that the world needs a lot more banking facilities and lesser banks. arc@ is aimed at organizations like you to help your deposit and lending products reach the market rapidly and expand your portfolio steadily. As these lending and non banking financial institutions you know the world needs more banking and less banks. With incredibly powerful mobile technology and vast social networks, many innovators around the world are now launching new banking products, but they aren't banks. arc@ is designed for organizations like you to help you bring your new lending and deposit products to the market quickly and grow your portfolio securely.

Business Analytics

arc@ simplifies the whole process of being able to analyse the transactions and their impact as well as mashups with external data. Use of NanoBI’s patented technologies allows us to deliver immediate RoI and results to the users and empower them to focus on business and its growth.

Document Management and Work Flow

arc@SCRIBE and arc@DOCS delivers the paperless process for transaction and customer management. Cost effective in nature and efficient application of technology allows for the right balance between structured flow and the ability to have and monitor expections. Not forcing the customer to change habits allows for easy adoption.

Innovative Technologies

An innovative and modern platform is provided by us at arc@ for banks to stay a step ahead, launch new products and services, and revolutionize new technology, distribution channels, or products quickly. Today, companies like Paypal, Wonga and Walmart are swiftly setting foot into retail banking with original new products and services that provide retail banks as less applicable everyday.

Robust Product Definition Engine

You don’t have to be an expert in arc@ to be able to consolidate it with, and lower pricesand the amount of time spent on mechanical projects, to a section of what is normally necessary for legacy systems. Our design is not only very clear and navigable but also extremely flexible. The powerful APIs of arc@ are very easy to use and also equip your IT team to speedily automate business rules, integrate data seamlessly from any source and create an inference for favoring or refusing accounts.

Innovat & Expand Rapidly

arc@ entitles your IT teams to alter, combine and expand fast. We help you instigate a product in minutes or assimilate with websites by using powerful devices like web hooks, standard API’s, and Facebook-like App integration. Simultaneously, you will be running on

Cooperative and Community Banks

Banks globally are encountering prime growth, fueled by acknowledgement of need for financial inclusion or larger populations in almost all the countries. Rapid execution of services delivery network, establishment of strong business processes and workflow and above all, building of controls and compliance across expanding companies is required to meet this objective.
There is a new trend emerging of Socially Responsible Lending and Inclusion for the poor, which is being observed by Financial Inclusion. This in turn will bring the challenge of looking after operations within lesser costs to be able to run a resource intensive business which can again only be possible by adapting new electronic channels for last mile service delivery.

Simplify Your Business

We at arc@ provide you with small credit cooperatives to the same level of technology that is in charge of banks but without any complications – none of the IT overhead and with a lot more flexibility and business agility. arc@ makes it wiser for your credit cooperatives to look after all the tasks of banking and in turn simplify your processes to only focus on your clients and service instead of paperwork and technology.

Automation improves process

From SMS, to email notifications, to loan application workflows and task management, arc@ helps makes your business reliable and different. We help automate physical processes by bringing everything online in a very simple, attractive and complete package. We at arc@ bring to you this, because we understand that innumerable documents, unclear applications and poor customer communication wastes not only yours but also your clients time.

Deliver Better Services

We at arc@ believe that a credit cooperative needs to modify to the needs of its members. So we make it simple, and affordable to do so by creating and delivering new loan and deposit products that match better, the needs of your clients. To do this better, we hand over the back office tools to make accomplishing these tasks a breeze.

Embrace Online Channels

arc@ is aware that your clients are expecting the same balance of online banking functionality that they see from other traditional big banks. The world is rapidly coming online so arc@ lets you create and provide and online portal for your clients that is simple and more attractive than they would see with most banks. With combined tools like Email and SMS, you will assemble a new and lasting relationship with your clients.

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